Stephen Armstrong

Hi and Welcome!

  I’m Stephen Armstrong, photographer of weddings, parties, portraiture and Senior portraits. Photography is a hobby I’ve had since early childhood. I’ve always caught moments that I felt would make a good picture and I’ve challenged myself to be able to capture those moments with the touch of a button. As I found myself taking pictures of people, cars, even scenery, I began to realize how much I enjoy capturing those natural, candid moments that were not setup. As time went on, I developed a different approach to my photography skills, working to capture those natural, candid shots of fun, laughter, and of course those intimate moments from every angle.

  I believe the art to outstanding photography is to have fun, relax, and just enjoy who you are. That is exactly my goal when on site. I began shooting weddings in 2009 and started as a helper, second shooter. I immediately fell in love with it and have not looked back since. I've had the privilege to capture over 20 weddings on camera and have been so thankful to be a part of them all!

  I love to have fun and have found that... Even though you are working, you have to enjoy what you do and have fun while doing it. I work to ensure a positive and fun atmosphere when on site and work to capture true, natural moments! Thank you so much for visiting!! Whatever your event or special moment may be, I would be more than happy to capture it on camera!

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